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How much money do you expect in one workhour ?

First, as a “modern” human ,of course, we need money . Some people think that more money you have, more apreciation you sholud have in society. But there are also a lot of people say that money is not everything. Alright I concede that money isn’t everything, but now almost everything needs money. Doyou agree?

Now, we calculate how many time we have in one your. Now count……

1..2…3…4…, Alright too long, its about 2000 hours that you can use for working, excluding holiday and our rest time.

It’s about 4,736 million people in the world who are in productive age, ( i mean work age, not biological age). And we know that it’s about $ 61 trillion is reported as world GDP. Pretty much he…

So, just divide them, so we can find about $12.000

Hmm..it means you should have about $6/hour. Okey, in indonesia, its quiet a lot.

Honestly, this analysis has at least a weakness. It has no comparison plus every country has different standart of price, way of life etc. You know what i mean right? (if u dont, email me!)

As a – actually i dont have another reference – superpower country, US maybe is a good comparison for “how much money do you expect in one work hour?” in my country , Indonesia.

US has about $50000/year. So, its about $25/hour . Well, it’s really really a lot of money, dude.

But, for lunch, we need five times more money in US than in Indonesia i guess.So, for the simplicity in calculating, we can assumme that the time value in Indonesia is about $5 /hour. Cheaper than the general world. So, as an Indonesian, we should happy live in a country which has a low value of time. Maybe, that’s why we, Indonesian, has an idiom said “rubber watch”.

OK, anyway, back to the topic “How much money do you expect in one workhour?”. So, how much money do you expect in one month than?. We have about 208 hours in one month, So, 208×5, its about $1040.

Hmm…pretty much yah. So, can we say that if you have a wage below $1040/month means that you life under the life standart?

Actually, it’s relative dude!!

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  1. February 8, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    “Now, we calculate how many time we have in one your.”

    One “year” maybe… not “your” Am I right??

    Come to my page too Ok!

    • rvdirza
      February 14, 2009 at 5:18 am

      thank u brother…
      I’ve fixed it..
      Btw, I’ve changed this blog into dual language..

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