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Life Safety Learning Center-FST1

This first factory study tour was held in Honjo Bosai-kan, one of the largest life safety learning center presented by Tokyo Fire Department in Japan. As we know, Japan is a country which is attacked by various enough natural disaster. A geographic position of this country which is located on the pacific circle of sea mountain, placing this country as easy attacked country by natural disaster.  Earthquake attacks Japan frequently and Typhoon is easily coming from the pacific ocean. But, in fact, Japan is one of the safest place to live in the world. Furthermore, as a countermeasure of that natural disaster, Japan, in this case Tokyo Fire Department, provide a life safety learning center for the citizens.

We began the visit by the presentation of the company which is presented in Japanese language. This learning center provides various simulation in order to share information to the visitor about life safety whether any disaster is happened at the time.

The first facility presented is 3-D Theater which is located in the fourth floor of the building. A 3-D movie which is shown described the panic situation that could be happened whether a disaster is happened, in this case an earthquake. An earthquake could make people panic. In panic situation, fire, collision etc can be happened and make everything worse. This panic situation can be avoided, if everybody knows what to do when an earthquake is happened. That`s why everybody should knows what to do before, after and when a disaster is happening.

After enjoying the movie, all the YSEP`s students, as visitors, divided into many groups. Every group consists of approximately 15 persons. Each groups has different route to experiencing the disaster simulation.

The first disaster simulation which my group is visiting was Fire Fighting Training Section. There was a screen which show us the situation when a fire is happening. The guide told us the procedure to do if there is any fire. We should prepare a fire extinguisher in every room, pull the cover off, hold the pipe, control it into the target and use it until it`s empty when a fire shows up.

The second disaster simulation was Rainstorm Simulation. In this section, everybody should use rain jackets to avoid water through our clothes. All of the member of the group went inside the simulation room. An simulation storm was operated. This situation should make people hard to move. Each motion which we want to do is disturbed by the wind, water and the storm. A few days before this factory study tour, there was a thypoon came to Tokyo. This rain storm simulation section actually gave the same experience just like the real one. In order to protect ourselves against this storm, we should hold on something which guarantee us to have the best position. The best position means that we will save from any stuff that can hit us and strong enough in order not to be carried by the storm.

Back to the second floor, we went to Smoke Maze Section. This simulation is presented to teach people how to do when a fire is happening in a building. As we know, in Japan or maybe many countries in the world, there will be a sign for emergency exit. If there is a smoke in the building, the sign will be on. Even there is smoke, people still can see the sign and follow the sign to go out of the building. Everybody should bent when they are following the sign and of course cover their mouth and nose. As an addition information, if there is an fire and smoke are spreading a room, then that doors which are connected to the other room will be closed automatically. This strategy will hold the smoke`s movement to the other room.

The last simulation which we visited was earthquake simulation section. Before doing the simulation, an film was shown to inform us the prevention action  to avoid an earthquake. Some of them are, locating the furniture in the fix and save position, providing water in the bathtub, pulling off all of electronic equipment if they are not used, creating the best strategy to escape from the dangerous location, knowing the neighborhood area well, planning to help the other people, etc. In this section, there would be 7 S.R earthquake is simulated in the simulation stated. The guide informed us that we have turn off all of the electrical equipment, pull the plug off, take the pillow to cover your head, and hide under the table but hold the table until the earthquake is finished. After that, we should open the door and go out of the house.

We will never know when a disaster come, may be we can detect earlier but we will never know the exact time and how it moves. So, providing ourselves to face a disaster and providing any prevention action are the best way to escape and save ourselves from a disaster, especially a natural disaster.


Risvan D.


FST1's Participants

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  1. me
    November 4, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    seperti kata pepatah. “sedia payung sebelum hujan…belajar tentang gempa, biar bisa menghadapinya…”
    we have 2 learn about everything coz we’ll never know when a disaster come…= )

  1. February 15, 2010 at 1:48 am

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