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Control Engineering isn’t part of Electrical Engineering

“If we talk about electrical engineering,  then we will think about electrical power, telecommunications, electronics, electrical biomedical stuff, control engineering, and computer engineering.” At least, that statement is what i was thinking about electrical engineering when i decided to know more about this kind of technology. And then, i realize that i was making ‘partly’ mistakes. First, i am not good enough about this electrical stuff.  Even though,  i’m still working on it. =) Second, Control Engineering isn’t part of Electrical Engineering. But in reverse. Electrical Engineering is only a small part of  Control engineering.

Control Engineering is not only about control system, robustness, distributed control system, and robotics in electrical stuffs field. Moreover, this technology  is covering wider area in engineering field.

Based on engineering concentration, control engineering covers mechanical, computer, electrical etc.  In Mechanical field, we have so many system that need control engineering inside.  So does electrical stuff, most common variable which is controlled is voltage, in this field. In computer, networking system has to be controlled also, including data transfer etc. In engineering physic, we also need control engineering in many areas. In other word, every system has to be controlled in order to satisfy the expected output condition.

Based on the era, control engineering has so many research field. According to my discussion with my assist. professor, there are at least 9 eras of control research field. There are Classical Control System, Modern Control System, Robustness, Fuzzy Control, Hybrid Control, Control Network, Distributed Control, Coverage Control, Cooperative Control etc.  And evidently, Robotics, informatics, computer, electrical stuffs, applied mathematics and another mechanical stuffs are only tools used in order to prove the new method of control theory and engineering research field.

This surprised me, a person who had less experience in this kind of technology. Consequently, i have to learn so many stuffs that i have never known before. Or stuffs which I had to learn before, but i’d never done it.  Start from now, i need to deepen my knowledge about voronoi, cost functions, coverage problem, power-aware, and applied mathematics. Coz’ my research is strong related to those kind of knowledge. And i’ll try to record all of the process using this blog.

To Mid Review (Ind)

To Mid Review (Eng)


  1. The Konar
    January 11, 2010 at 8:36 am

    Well, in engineering, as an engineer, we have to work well with different disciplines engineers…That’s the thing…

    But, I agree with this topic, so, why don’t you tell these to Mr. Iyas that he lead a very very crucial discipline in engineering nowadays…


    • September 7, 2011 at 6:29 pm

      I don’t have to.
      He’s knew it already.
      That’s why he pushed us hard and try stabilize it in the end.


  1. February 15, 2010 at 1:47 am

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