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In The Beginning of The Last Day

It is 2 a.m. In the beginning of the last day in 2009. I am 22 years, 4 months, 14 days and 2 hours old. (:D). I am getting older and in Tokyo, participating in Tokyo Institute of  Technology (which is a great institute evidently :D)- YSEP program which i had never plan to join before. It’s just an accident to be here. My ordinary plan which i made in the beginning of my campus life, had only 4 years and 4 months to finish my study in Bandung Institute of  Technology (ITB) . And then i had no idea, since i know that electrical engineering is just not me (even I’ve already known about it before entering ITB). And now i’m here, letting my time in campus life at least one year longer. However, i’ve decided and i’ll the risk. (again coz i’m feeling guilty if i refuse this program, since people said that many people want to have this opportunity and if i reject it, it means i am certainly an evil).

Getting older and facing a new scenario is just normal. It’s just part of my life, doing everything by myself.  Even though it is usual for me, but i am still an ordinary man who want to have a settle life. Having a good shiny day and beautiful-silent night with my family and everybody i love. Sharing my feeling and my opinion with someone i really trust.

It is already more than 5 years. My life is just like this. Moving around to a place where i had never been before, making a new ‘fake’ friendship, trying to make myself useful around them since i know ‘normally’ my time is not long enough or worse, pulling myself away in order to avoid a heart-bounded relationship with the new ‘fake’ community, trying to understand new people, or rising my heart up after got hurt since i’m just an ‘stupid-ugly-poor-periphery-countryside-developing country-brown-Asian’ ordinary person.

Anyway, whatever will be then let it be. I’ve tried to get my target done this year, but i’m totally fed up right now. Loss in Tokyo, suspending my graduation day for at least 9 months,  and being the most stupid and laziest student in my laboratory. That’s it. I even have spent more than 3 days to understand this such Voronoi Diagram and i don’t understand yet.  Al-qur’an’s rotes? Better don’t ask about that.

Somehow, i need to rise myself up. There are a lot of things to do. Finishing all courses i taken unconsciously is my target in February 2010. Simulating my half year project in the end of January 2010. Organizing the International Open Lecture in March 2010 with Indonesian Student Association in Jepang, Tokodai featuring TISA (in confirmation). And mission impossible, Submitting my paper in April 2010 for a conference in Yokohama, July 2010. Okey, this one is quiet crazy >.< . I prefer to strike it through 😀


(“Somebody help me, I think i’ll be pretty mess up next year. Since, i know those target looks impossible for me heuheu..”)


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  1. Iman
    December 31, 2009 at 12:41 am

    Halo Risvan, ohisashiburi,
    gimana kenkyuunya? kapan2 chat yuk, kali aja kita bisa nulis paper bareng 🙂

    Iman-moto fujita-ken menba-

    • January 4, 2010 at 6:14 am

      halo mas Iman..
      ohisashiburi desu ne.. =D
      kenkyunya.. hiks, tampak menyedihkan.. hmm..
      chat? ayuk mas, kadang2 aku OL tapi gak di meja.. hehe..
      tapi kalau di meja pasti aku ladenin mas.. =)

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