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Strength and Weakness of Japan in Comparison with Other Countries

(written by Risvan Dirza ; 09R12111)

*A Final Report for Topics on Japan Course


As a country classified in the developed countries (could be the most) in the Asia, Japan has very significant role in various fields, especially in advanced technology and human development, both to other Asian countries and countries from other continents.

As we know, to compare a country like Japan which is excellent in various field, isn’t easy. Since there are so many countries in the world, then, in this report, first of all, i will classify those countries into several groups as this following. The western countries, Developing countries, and East Asian countries in comparison for various field. In the next stage, i will describe the strengths and weakness of Japan compared with the group of those countries.

Considering of strength, Japan is a country that conquered the world market together with China, U.S. and other developed countries. This sunrise country has also survived from crisis despite the storm hit the world economy. When the western- market authorities are overwhelmed, which can be seen with the collapse of those giant companies, Japan remains standing upright against these shocks. Moreover Japan’s giant companies competing each other in the world market control. Not in one field, but also in various fields. We know Toyota, Honda, and Nissan as the ruler of the world-class automotive market. Toshiba, NEC, and companies in other fields, also no less intense in the capture of world market.

In addition to developing its own potential as a country, Japan also takes cares for developing countries. It indicates that the Japanese has broken through the barrier and entered the-what we call-global world. In the field of education, universities in Japan such as Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University and others, are working together with universities in other countries, including in developing countries of course. Many programs are created through that cooperation. Universities networking, research collaboration, and scholarship are the examples of the result. Compared with developing countries, university-level course in Japan is far above the local university. This indicates the Japanese advantage in education is undeniable and in good position to help those developing countries.

Still associated with the role of Japan to developing countries, Japan was keen on seeing a business opportunity. We would have realized that the factories that produce Japanese-branded products are also built in developing countries. Toyota has established factories in Thailand and Indonesia. Ebara expands its wings to India and China. By opening factories in developing countries, Japanese companies can reduce the cost of production, because the wages of employees there much cheaper.(Maybe China isn’t a developing countries, but there, wages are low enough) On the positive side is the Japanese also open more job opportunities for many workers in developing countries.

In terms of human character, the Japanese have some extraordinary characters. Intelligent, fast learner, creative and hardworking is the key success of this country out of backwardness in comparison to the western world at that time (before Meiji’s Restoration) and out of the devastation after the second world war. We can see from the historical background where the Japanese quickly absorbed the western technology. They also play nice in politics with European nations at that time, to avoid European colonization. They opened themselves, and then expand the view of the world. A miracle happened again in this country, precisely when the Japanese defeated after the second world war. Although they were destroyed, they were able to rise quickly and even now become one of the respected one in international community. So, based on this fact, the  Japanese people can be classified as a fast pursuit and quickly recovered people in comparison to other countries in the world.

Stepping into the field of culture, Japan is a developed country that has not forgotten its cultural roots. This is an excess of this country when compared to other countries that consumed the doctrine of modernization. Japan can be a role model civilized east countries. This country still darted forward in many fields, but still keeping its cultural roots.

A broad vision and long term, and oriented to the process are keys for Japanese in the work and develop the country. This vision has become a philosophy held by the Japanese since ancient. The Japanese scientists and philosophers continue to emphasize this character for the nation. This character which encourage Japan to continue to be patient in the proceeds. Any process that they passed, they take the lesson and recorded in detail for sustainability information. All of that lifestyle will produce good effect if they are still maintaining the spirit of learning.

The world will never be perfect, a great country must have a weakness though. Japan is no exception. That’s why we have an international relationship. If we traced more deeply, Japan is in an unsafe condition at this moment.

Japan’s population is in danger, and the composition of the country’s population classified as elderly. It means that, the sustainability of Japan can be said isn’t guaranteed. This occurs because the population of young Japanese are smaller than the population of old age. Compared with other countries in the world, Japan become a country which is very doubtful sustainability with such proportion of the population.

Under the agreement with the United States war in 1945, Japan chose not to focus on technology development for military power. Perhaps with the United States military base in Okinawa, Japan can breathe now. However, it indicates that Japan isn’t independent enough in the defense of its country when compared to other countries in the world.

One of the most Japanese character which is quite significant in general are shy. They tend to be quiet and closed with the presence of a foreigner. There are two possibilities that cause this condition, namely the language and shy character which is closely glue in the heart of the Japanese. It is not really bad but it will be a problem for a world-wide corporation. Most of Japanese who work in international corporation are not shy. But, in reality there are more Japanese who are shy enough in this case even in Tokyo.

As I mentioned before, the world will never be perfect. This is not only about the problem of better or worse of Japan compared with other countries. This is about a difference.  As a country, Japan has many both strengths and weaknesses. So do other countries. Thus, the difference is not something that should be debated. But, An advantage which will provide mutual assistance between communities and between countries ultimately, to realize a world of peace and prosperity for the benefit of mankind.

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  1. February 15, 2010 at 5:34 am

    “Maybe China isn’t a developing country” – well it soon will make its position clearer. There will be much more hardship soon with a looming Chinese collapse bigger than the Soviet Union’s.

    • February 15, 2010 at 2:59 pm

      Yeah, anyway, my expectation is that every country (to be honest i prefer to the human) could work together for a better world =). Hope China could make it.. =)

  2. April 24, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Kedisiplinan orang Jepang patut ditiru…. 😀
    *apaan sih OOT*

    • May 2, 2010 at 6:50 pm

      haha.. betul2..! 🙂

  3. muralidhar
    October 2, 2012 at 1:47 am

    my favrte country is japan y coz any thing happens it vill overcome it like world war,tsunami if japan has big area means it vill show stars to every country thru its hardvorking citizens

  1. February 15, 2010 at 4:51 am

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