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The Ebara Corporation

(written by Risvan Dirza ; 09R12111)


It was said that the trip would take half hour to go to Ebara’s Factory. That trip was basically the last part of Factory Study Tour Class for this semester and it was happened on Tuesday, 19th January 2010. Since there was a long vacation in the end of 2009 and in the beginning of 2010, that trip becomes the first trip for FST’s Class this year.

Ebara Corporation is one of the world wide company of fluid transfer machinery. This company, particularly, is strong in pumps, compressors, fans and chillers. In the world, its market share is increasing. It has 4.7% of world’s market in 2000. And then, 5.3% of world’s market in 2004.

There are so many Ebara’s branches, offices, and factories spread all over the world such as India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Indeed, in Tokyo Bay this company has one headquarter which is located near Haneda Airport and 3 factories, located in Futtsa, Sodegaura and Fujisawa. The last factory is the factory where I visited that day.

Fujisawa ‘medium size engineer’ is located in Kanagawa prefecture. It is actually in the same prefecture where I am living now. This factory has been established for very long time. It was established in 1965.

Back to Ebara Corporation, On the welcoming presentation, this company estimates that the need of water and energy will be increase in 2030, especially in China and India. As we know, one of many key products of Ebara Co, is pump. Since this company provides pumps for power generation and water supply, this company will have a good prospect in the near future, especially in pump business. This company also estimates the number of energy resources that will be used in the near future. It said that coal, gas, nuclear and renewable (except oil) energy plant will be increased in near future. That estimation also motivate this company to be confident with the business prospect.

Talking about employment, this company told us that there are 2500 employees works for Ebara Corp and groups. In detail, there are 1200 for the Ebara itself, 800 for the groups and 500 for the suppliers. In the end of the tour, the company also informed us the reason why the proportion of old worker is bigger in this factory. And the reason is that the management plans to close the factory in Fujisawa since there are not so many order of pumps in Japan (in estimation the demand of water and energy in Japan is decreasing) so that there are no recruitment for younger worker in Japan. But, the management will optimize the function of factory in China and India since based on the estimation, the demand will increase in near future. Anyhow, the management will close the factory but not the engineering department, so that the management will leave the engineer in Fujisawa.

In the beginning of the factory’s tour, we visit the Pump Shop No.1. In this building we can see the process of assembling of standard small pumps. Taking picture was still allowed. Basically, in this part there is no specific design yet. Many parts are sent from the other plant or exported from another Ebara’s factory in other country or purchased from other company such as Toshiba etc.

After that, we were going to the pump shop no.2  where customize machinery were design and built specifically. Because of that, taking photo was not allowed in this part. Somehow, designing and building based on drawing design was held in this part.

The third building we visited is pump shop no. 3. In this part, the size of the assembled pumps are at least bigger than the one we visited in the first building. This pumps will be used for industrial manufacturing.

The last building we visited is rather closed. We could not see what the engineer do closely. What we can do only looking from the area which is bordered by glasses. Based on the information in the booklet, it is said that the process we had seen at that time are part of Precision Machinery Building Process. That’s why the room should be clean and sterile.

After finishing the tour, we went back to the guest house, having some drink, visiting museum in the first floor, and discussing freely. That FST was ended by question and answer section where so many questions were appeared at that time and also answered very well by Ebara’s representative.

Ebara is a great machinery manufacture. It produces various machine for human need and it has committed to becoming a Comprehensive Environmental Engineering Enterprise. It was a great opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge about this company. I hope a better future for this company to serve human life.

To Mid Review (Eng)

To Mid Review (Ind)

  1. Steve Tourigny
    February 16, 2010 at 9:20 am

    Good review on EBARA. I have visited the Fujisawa site many times and was responsible for building the factory for EBARA in Sacramento CA.

    I monitor news activity for EBARA which resulted in your post.

    Good Luck!

    Steve Tourigny
    Folsom, CA

    • February 16, 2010 at 4:05 pm

      Thank you Steve.

      You probably know more than what i’ve written in my post.

      Good Luck & Success!


  1. February 15, 2010 at 4:25 am

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