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Visiting Toshiba Keihin Product Operations

Risvan Dirza (09R12111)

“Toshiba, Leading Innovation!”. This quotation has been well known for people who have interest in high technology. Toshiba is a world leader in high technology in various fields. This company is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical product, spanning information & communications equipment, power systems etc. Its market is covering wide area involving many countries in every continent.

In this report, I will write the report of visiting Keihin Product Operations, Toshiba as part of Factory Study Tour II activity.

Keihin Product Operations is focusing on power generations system manufacture. It is located in Yokohama. Its major products are including Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro Power Equipment, Fuel Cells, New-Energy Equipment, and Environmental Equipment.

Since it is located in Yokohama, then the trip didn’t cost much time. We arrived in that factory and were welcome by the manager and his staffs. As usual, the first event of this visiting is introduction presentation of this company. It is informed that this factory produce Nuclear Reactor Component, Steam and Water Turbine Generator and so on. USA is one of its customers. For Hydro Power Plant Equipment, Asia, and many Latin America countries are its customers. Nuclear power generations equipment is usually built for domestic request. Furthermore, there are four processes to build a product in this factory. First, design and planning which must be satisfied the standard and specification. Second, Assembly processes. Third, Inspection processes. The last is shipment.

However, that presentation didn’t take much time because the Q&A session was cut and put after workshop visit. So, we were divided into two groups and were guided to the shop. We were brought to the workshop by bus. That factory complex is pretty large so that bus probably one good facility to visit those factories one by one.

The first shop we visited was focusing on building stator, rotor and turbines as I remember. Some products are built by assembling small and partial parts into one big product. As the information, since this Keihin products focus on power generations equipment, then most of the products are built in really big size. As the comparison, those equipments are needed to build a power plant with 1500 MVA output at most. It was informed that to attach a pretty big copper coil, a sterile and clean is needed in order to keep the level of efficiency high. In this factory, it was also explained various kind of cooler such water cooler, air cooler and hydrogen cooler.

The second shop is located quite far from the first one so that we need to get on the bus to reach that shop. This second shop is focusing in on building various rotating mechanical machine related to temperature, pressure etc.

In the end of this tour, we gathered in the same room where the first presentation held. Taking some break and back to the forum to get into Q&A section. There were lots of information I got at that session. I was wondering why this high investment business could well sustainable. In addition, I believe that there were many good competitors in the same market segment are also in this business. And it was informed that Toshiba is also kind of partner with another competitor in one condition. In spite of that, improving technology and maintaining the product quality are some strategy to keep the company sustainable. Somehow, increasing population increase the amount of energy needs for human life. It means the request of power generation equipment is hard to be decreased.

It was a great opportunity to have a study tour to this factory. I would like to thank to everyone who participate on arranging this event. I hope that Toshiba remains on its vision to be a leader in innovation and create any kind of product to satisfy human needs.

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