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It’s About Conquering (Mt. Fuji has been conquered, You may pick another mountain!!)

It was August 12th, we arrived in 5th Station of Mount Fuji. That afternoon was pretty dark. It was hard windy and news told that it was Typhoon passing by Mount Fuji. We thought that it will be suicide climbing Mt. Fuji that day. However, we’re still laughing, joking each other and finding opportunities or perhaps, reasons to climb this thing up. We were Alvin, William and Me; Two smart master and doctoral Filipino students and a lucky Indonesian student.

We were at Station 5

We were at 5th Station

We were thinking and I ended up with a reason to start climbing 30 minutes after the typhoon. It was so simple. It must be the clearest sky ever up there after the typhoon. That typhoon just took everything. For sure, the sky would be very bright and clear. Thus, we decided to climb up bravely. FYI, No one of us has experience climbing this Mt. Fuji. We were taking that “risk” and having “fun”. That’s the reason why my name is Ris-van :D.

We started climbing at 4 pm. It was still windy and a bit rainy. But, we required to adjust the time so that we can arrive on the top before the sunrise. And then, it was Ramadhan and I was fasting at that time. I had to ensure that we arrive in a good station just before the twilight to open my fast.

The Map

The Map

So, we started walking through a pretty flat path at the first time. Slowly but sure, it started inclining. Your feet were getting tired to step up. But, we’re just walking, talking, laughing, taking photo and joking of course.

And then, we arrived at 6th Station. It wasn’t that far from 5th Station. We thought that it’s not gonna be that hard. But, I was shaking. It was so cold. I was ignoring that feeling. I just need to move faster so that my body would be getting warmer due to the combustion of my calories.

From 6th station, we saw 7th station up there. I think it was twice further than achieving 6th station. And it was high. I mean it looks like 60 degrees inclining to reach that station. I was afraid. I felt the feeling of stepping down the stairs in Eiffel Tower 5 years ago. I was afraid of height. I was fasting and didn’t have enough energy. But, those couldn’t be enough reasons to get back.  Then, I decided to continue the journey. Fortunately, Alvin and William were very supportive. Thanks guys.

Thanks Guys..

Thanks Guys..

It was totally like a hell. I was suffering. My legs were totally shaking and weak. I got one stick to help me out of this fear. I was afraid of looking the view behind. But, I was peeking sometime. Well, I don’t wanna miss that beautiful view thou.. What the worst is, my assumption was wrong. I thought that moving faster or motion would warm my body up and stop the shaking. It didn’t work at all. The further I was walking, the wetter my clothes. My sweat didn’t evaporate. It was trapped in my clothes. Why? Because I wore full-body poncho (anti-rain). It avoids water both from outside and inside. I was totally wet and shaking. In addition, the temperature is getting lower. Thus, I took off the poncho and changed my t-shirt. Well, I had no jeans anymore. So, that sticky jeans was still with me anyway. Dam*.. I couldn’t enjoy that feeling.

It was so scary

Land above the clouds

Land above the clouds

Finally, we arrived in 7th Station. It was twilight. It means I could eat and drink after fasting during the day. FYI, it was summer, day is longer than usual. The twilight came after 2.5 hours turtle-ly walking. Another challenge had been accomplished. But, the 8th station is waiting up there.

Smile over the fear

Smile over the fear

The Twilight Is Coming

The Twilight Is Coming

The path is rocky now. And there is no wide stairs look-alike like we had in the path to 7th station. Moreover, it was quite harder windy than before. To be honest, I was still afraid of height. Those windy noise fears me more. It sounds like it wants to disturb my body balance that probably may push me down, lost my balance and falling all the way down there from 2500 m of height.  Dam*, I hate that feeling. Then, I plug my ears with earphone and play music from my cell phone. It was helping, kind of magic. 😀

Before achieving 9th station, we needed to be at 8.5th station first. If you look at the map, this 8.5th station is located pretty close to the 8th station. My first thought is they were wasting money. But, they weren’t.

At the time, the situation was getting worse. The path was not like a path anymore and getting narrow. It was more and more inclining. Probably, it was around 65-75 degree. Moreover, it was nightfall. There was no sunlight anymore. The only light we had was flashlight. I had my flashlight attached on my forehead. It was helpful so that my two hands were free to grab anything in order to help my body balance. Anything refers to only the rocks. I was still shaking thou.. Yeah, they had reasons why they put 8.5th station there.

It is night

Night view from Mt. Fuji

I can’t remember, I think we took a nap for while at that station. After that station, I couldn’t notice any stations anymore. We stopped a lot. I mean I asked to stop a lot. The only thing in my mind was I need to reach the top as soon as possible before I lost my breath and before my fear imagination of falling down from 3250 m of height is happening. Slowly, my breath frequency is getting slower. We saw a shooting star up there. It wasn’t once or twice. But, it happened repeatedly. Yes, it had been predicted that the night of August 13th,2010, we’d have chances to watch many shooting stars from Asia. We were so lucky. I wish the magic story of shooting star is true. But, whatever, I wish I could be on the top of Mt. Fuji safely and get back safely. The other wishes would be a secret for sure. :D. Well, at least the first wish is happening.  :D.

Taking Nap

Taking Nap

It took around 8 hours to be on the top of Mt. Fuji. We arrived just before the dawn. Lucky us, it was beautiful sunrise occurs. The sun was rising up from the clouds. The sky upper the cloud was really clear. I felt like living on the land above the clouds. So high, and you can see the world unfold and after that you’ll realize that you’re nothing, not even better and more useful than a dust. You might be worse than other organisms which always try to keep the world rotating continuously. But, human? You judge by yourselves.

Well, below is our documentation video of climbing this Mt. Fuji.

However, we were icy. It was around -5 degree C up there. And you can warm your hand up with a can of coffee for not more than 5 minutes. It cost 400 yen. Yeah, when the demand is higher than the offer, the price will be increasing sharply. :D.

After documenting a lot of picture and “stuff” of our present up there, we walk down Mt. Fuji at 7 a.m. through different path. This mount has the different path to climb up and walk down. You know what we did? We’re running like child through that path. I wasn’t afraid anymore, dude. And it took around 3 hours of going down Mt. Fuji by running. :D.

It was remarkable. At least, for me. I didn’t only just conquer Mt. Fuji but also my fear of height. You know what challenge is?

“It is about the thing that you do not want to feel

and you do not know how solve the fear;

that come to you at that time, but you’re really want to felt that moment again after finishing that thing.”

Ivan The Conqueror :D

Ivan The Conqueror 😀

Well, if you experience the same thing for the second time, it isn’t gonna be challenging anymore. :D.

Alright, let’s see another challenging opportunity for this year. :D.

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  1. April 24, 2011 at 6:19 am

    bungee jumping??:D:D

    • April 24, 2011 at 8:28 am

      Haha.. No way… 😀

  2. Augystiana Dita
    April 24, 2011 at 8:51 am

    my stick! *ga penting 😛

    • April 24, 2011 at 5:42 pm

      haha.. at least, kaki gw nambah 😀

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