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God, please let it be real as soon as possible

Having a blessed life for 24 years (exactly : 16 August 2011), most likely encourage me to really consider what’s my long term plan for my life. Who will I be in the next 5 years, 10 years or 20 years?

Fact No. 1.

Understand that it’s a common knowledge most of people will be successful about after 40’s. Me, hell no, I need to break it, mid 30’s looks like a magic number for me.

Remembering my interview question with my current manager about 7 months ago,

 “What are you going to be the future?”

“I’ll be sitting next to you in the same level or higher as the representative my own group or company”, I answered.

“Thus, why should I hire you if you will quit later?,” He challenged.

“Because, I’ll be sitting next to you as your Partner to discuss and have an agreement for our next joint-project,” I answered fluently.

This conversation represents my goal for my mid 30’s.  Frankly to say, I do not work for a company or anyone. I do work for the sake of my “ego”. I do work because I want. Limiting or regulating my work is equal to reducing my motivation and obstructing potential.

Fact No.2.

I love travelling all over world and presenting what I know. Hopefully, later there will be kind of royalty from my innovation. Yes, travelling to give a presentation of either my innovation or research. In other words, being researcher seems also challenging and fun. The sooner I continue my postgrad study, the more the amount of time that I can utilize to develop either the innovation or the research.

Fact No. 3.

Regardless, my plan will be on the track or not, having the worst case back up plan is a mandatory since life is unpredictable. Thus, I need to ensure that my family and my life will be well-guaranteed when in fact, I’m just become a pathetic stupid unemployment in the end.


I need to ensure while I’m leaving for postgrad abroad with scholarship to invent/research something, there’ll be some “gold” sources supplying my account at least equal to my current income, monthly.

*These sources will be my seed for my mid 30’s goal in parallel.

**Good motivation to live out of the routines and dependencies as well as breakthru’ the limit 🙂

God, please let it be real as soon as possible..

In the middle of a night of early September 2011, hoping my pray is accepted by my God.

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  1. me
    September 7, 2011 at 11:26 am

    hepi milad bro…
    hope u get the real ^^

    • September 7, 2011 at 6:11 pm

      thanks sis.. 🙂

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