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Test The Water IELTS Test

November 9, 2014 Leave a comment

In 2009, I committed to create two blogs to accommodate two languages (Bahasa and English) or at least one blogs that separate two type of articles, Bahasa and English. My personal intention writing blog in English is to excercise my English as I do not have many opportunities to practice English anymore. So,  I’ll try to deliver what I want to share through this blog, in English, as much as I can and as consistent as I can J.

Feel free to comment my grammar or my vocabs, should you find something inappropriate!!.

Anyway, I realize that I was not that consistent to write in English thou..

Well, one of my objective this year (2014) is taking IELTS test.  This objective is actually has been identified and listed since 2010. In 2009, I was not confident to take any English proficiency test and I was still not confident until in 2010 when I had to take TOEIC test as part of the requirement that I need to fulfil in order to be accepted in a multinational company. Fortunately, I got 835 at that moment. So, I passed and got that Job.

The second time I took TOEIC, I got 885. But, I have never tried IELTS until yesterday even IELTS is more widely used around the world. Not like TOEIC, many universities in the world require IELTS to prove the english capability of the candidates.

Since I started working, I had never take any IELTS preparation test. So, I always prepare myself for this test all by myself by reading preparations books, simulating the listening test and watching tips through whatever available on youtube. Having passed four years preparing myself for this test, I do not ever feel good enough to take IELTS. Thus, I locked the IELTS test which is yesterday. Then, it works, no matter how bad my English was yesterday, I had to face the test.

The IELTS test takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes. It consists of four sections; Listening section which takes 30 minutes, Reading section which takes about 60 minutes, Writing section which takes about 60 minutes and Speaking section which takes about 15 minutes.

The highest IELTS score as I remember is 9.0. Normally, an instutions consider an individual is able to use english when he or she get 6.5 in IELTS test in all sections. Yesterday my target was at least 7.0. But, now, I think I realize that getting 5.5 in all sections is the best hope.

Yes, IELTS test is not about the accuracy only. I felt yesterday, IELTS test is about how to answer the questions right and accurate in limited time. Yes, you need to answer all of the questions ASAP with that pressure.

What I miss in listening section was concentration. I probably made about 12 mistakes in that section because of losing my concentration.

Reading section, I took academic IELTS test. I realized yesterday my vocabs are very limited. You may try to work on this section by not to understand all words in the passage but I just feel stupid when there is a word I do not even familiar with. Yes, reading section will serve you new words. Understanding all the words pretty much would help me to understand that long passage in reading section. I need to read fast and enrich my vocabs.

Writing section, simple, I did not even have time to check my grammar in my writing tasks. In the beginning was pretty good. But, when you need to write 400 words by hand in 60 minutes, I felt my hand shaking. I think my handwriting could not be read in last 50 words.

I met a native speaker in speaking section. He was good professional because he spoke slowly in order to avoid any unclear accents. The problem was not with the native speaker, but the topic. It was really difficult to answer a question which the topic was you not familiar with. I tried to make my own story but I got problem with the logic and the coherence of my story.

Well, basically, I do not expect many from the IELTS test I did yesterday. However, I did what we call “test the water”. Several things that I need to do for the next IELTS test I want to take are:

  • Ensure that I have good sleep and relax at least one day before the test to increase my concentration.
  • Read more english book.
  • Write articles in English, for example writing my post in English and writing more with your hand
  • Enrich my english convertation topics.

Since this is part of my learning process, again, feel free to inform should I make a mistakes in English

Thank you,